"This work is excellent. You will get many more jobs like this one from me in the future"

Dr Michael Jeannot


A proven production process that allows us to work together remotely

You are involved in the project and can provide feedback to make changes until you are 100% satisfied. You have all the time available to us that you need via phone, email and Skype.

Step #1) You fill out our brief

After ordering, you answer questions in our brief, and tell us all we need to know to create your video. Here we will get a good foundation on what you're looking to achieve.

We find out:

- Your demographic

- Your goals

- Graphic profile

- What type of graphics & animations you like

- The essence behind your product or service.

Here we can also set up a telephone or Skype call to discuss your project.

Step #2) We write your script

Based on the briefing and our discussions, our scriptwriter will develop a concept and write your script.  Here you can read what the video will say, we will also make a visual storyboard so you can see the graphics in the project.

We follow a proven marketing formula:

# 1. Catch the viewers attention

# 2. Define the problem

# 3. Offer a solution

# 4. Show proof

# 5. Call to action!

Step #3) Choose the voice and music

We help you to choose among our professional voices that highlight the right feel. You also choose background music from our music library.

The voiceover and music will set the tone of the video. People buy based on emotions, so we put quite a lot of time to find the perfect balance of the two. 

Step #4) We animate your video

When everything is in place we tie it all together with eye catching animation. Our 2D experts ensures that everything is timed perfectly with the music, sound effects and narration.

You get to be part of the process and give feedback as we make fixes to your liking.

Step #5) We deliver your video

Your movie comes in 1080p HD quality. You own the movie and can use it on your website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Even as part of a presentation, like in a sales meetings.
Delivery time is about 3 weeks. Depending on client response time. If we assume that you give us your feedback within 36 hours, your video can be fully completed in 3 weeks.

During the project, we will look for your feedback and the ability to bounce ideas back and forth with you. It does not take more than a total of 1 hour of your time, we can do this by phone, Skype or email. This will really make the difference between a good video and a great video! 

The Between The Lines Team

From idea to completed film, here's the team who will put it all together!

"Thank you for doing this. Our E3 program is explained concisely! We will have a few more videos needed in the near future!"

Kailyn Kelly

Northumberland County

"Your work made it easy for people to be able to decide the Burlington slogan for the next 5 years!"

Fergal Byrne


We only have room for four projects per month

We take our job seriously, and go in depth with each client. Since each project will take about three weeks, we can only accept four projects each month.

Our films are not for everyone. The compromise that needs to be made to offer these prices is that we only offer 2D animation.

This suits those who are in need of a video that will help sell more and rank your business higher on search engines, not those who are in need of Disney quality.

We do this (2D animation):

We do not do this (3D animation):

"Thank you so much for being able to complete our video in the short deadline we needed it in!"

Chris Farias


Due to high demand, we can only accept four projects per month right now. If you are serious about getting a video for your business, act quickly to get your project underway. Or end up on our waiting list.

Thanks in advance,

Between The Lines Animations

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Doubt? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive

What if I am not satisfied?

You always get the chance to give feedback at every step of the process (script, voice, animation, etc.) 

It's expected that you won't be completely satisfied after the first draft. Let us know what you would like to see changed. If you're not satisfied after our second attempt, you can ask for a third (fourth, fifth, etc.). Or take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

Are there additional costs?

No. Depending on what country you're located in, the style of video you decide on will have tax on it, but beyond that, there will be no additional costs.

Can I get a video in a language other than English?

Of course! We can (virtually) do a professional voice in any language you want. Just mention which language you'd like when ordering.

If you want the movie to be in more than one language the language it costs $100 per minute of video.

OK, let's work together. What is the next step?

Glad to work with you :) Once you place your order, you will receive a brief in your email within 24 hours asking you a few questions about the project. At this time you will also be able to schedule a call.

The project manager will help you through the entire production of the film. This project is carried out smoothly, while we work together remotely. You will be able to give your feedback and approval at every step in the process (script, voice, animation, etc.).

You have all the time available to us via phone, Skype and email.

How long should my video be?

It depends on how you intend to use it. But nowadays, people have short attention spans. Therefore, it's important to keep the video short and to the point while still maintaining all the necessary information. The video only needs to provide enough information to get viewers interested in taking the next step (contact, try the free version, etc.).
We recommend:

30s - Briefly explain a relatively simple idea.

60s - Explain calmly and make arguments for purchase. 

90s - For those who require longer explanations and more time on the sales pitch.

120s - For more advanced products and services.

How much content will fit in a movie?

We usually write your script in the following format: 1) Identify the problem. 2) show product/service solution. 3) Call to Action.

See the examples above to see. 

I want to talk to someone first ...

Of course! Email us at info@betweenthelinesanimations.ca and we will answer any of your questions.

Complete Satisfaction or your money back!

We are proud of every film we produce. Your movie will not just get free alterations, you also get a 30 day money back guarantee. Our goal is that you'll be so happy that you never have to buy a movie again (unless you want more of course)!

Project delivery in three weeks!

We work hard to deliver your project on time. And we promise to keep you informed during the project. You will know exactly when each part of the film is finished.  On average it takes 3 weeks to produce and complete a video.

2017 Between The Lines Animations

"Are animated videos the right choice for my business?"

Explain what your company does in 60 seconds!

We simplify your message. A simple message that is easy to remember is better than lots of complex information. If you pour 5 Liters of water in a 2 Liter bowl, it will overflow. The brain works the same way. Your customers just need to get the gist of what you do to nudge them in the right direction.

According to Dual Coding Theory, people remember 58% more when both sound and visuals are used. We use this in your video by using visual tools to strengthen what is said by the narrator!

Video gets peoples attention. Animated video especially! We express what your company does in a way that educates and entertains, and converts customers much better than just text or speech.

Increase your number of leads and customers!

We will help you tell your company's story in a memorable way. Our professional scriptwriters get out what you want to say through interesting stories that gives a 'wow' feeling. 

Give your viewers a 'WOW' feeling!

Capture Attention quickly!

Rank higher in search engines!

YouTube is already the world's second largest search engine (Next to Google). Video takes up more and more of the total traffic on the Internet every day. With a video on your website you have the ability to rank higher in search engines and reach more customers. How? Google's algorithm notices that you have a video embedded, and it also takes into account that people stay on your website longer. 

If you want your commercials to be profitable, people need to watch them! Consequently, we focus on getting the animation to both get and keep the viewer's attention! 

Get help from our experts!

Custom made movie with everything included!

We write your script, use the right voice and background music. And then tie it all together into an engaging animated video. We do everything specifically for what your business needs!

You are involved throughout the process and have the opportunity  to provide feedback at every step. No surprises. Just how you want it.

We go deep into your business! So that we understand your demographics, your goals, and the essence behind your product. Then we can guide, advise and create a video perfect for your business.

Our philosophy is that your marketing (video, text, audio, images) is designed to do one thing: Transfer information from one brain to another. And thus, sell your product/service!

Be remembered 58% better!

Marcus Awakuni


Tom Holmberg

Project Manager

Garrett Shrader

Script Writer

Jeffrey Marr


"The likelihood that someone becomes a customer is 64% greater if a website has video" (comScore)

  • A study by conversion-rate-experts.com shows that the same message in video format converted 64% better!   (Crazy Egg Case Study)
  • The use of video in email marketing increased revenue by 400% (Relevancy Group)
  • 80% of web users say they looked at advertisements on a website in the last 30 days (Online Publishers Association)
  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
  • The chance of ending up on the front page of Google is 53 times higher when you implement video on your website (Forrester Research)
  • Emails with animated video increase the number of clicks by 200% - 300% (Forrester Research)
  • Video placed in email marketing increased the number of clicks by 96% (Implix)
  • 90% of shoppers found video to be helpful when making purchasing decisions online (comScore)

The Hard Facts About Explainer Videos


What we do: Take on a few new clients per month and create high-converting marketing and training videos.

Delivery time is three weeks. Complete Satisfaction or your money back. 100+ satisfied customers in Canada.

Click Here to See if We're a Good Match!

We work with our professional storytellers, narrators, and animators to be able to offer you everything from idea to finished video without you having to stress or worry! 

Get customers to feel "Wow, what an amazing product/service!"

Be remembered by using proven marketing techniques that work! 

Create trust and understanding for your company!

Some of Canada's most respected establishments rely on our animation

Richard Hopkins

Homestead Financial

"You did an amazing job, thanks! This turned out better than I expected, there's nothing that I would change! The video saves us time having to explain mortgage renewals to clients over and over."

"Between The Lines is easy to communicate with, very open, professional, and works quickly. On top of making an amazing video. We will definitely use them again!"

Matt Jivin

Comcast Spotlight

A few of the values that we like to operate by:


We aren't in business to take advantage of others. And we aren't in business to be taken advantage of. Our clients can rest easy knowing the way we do business means that everyone wins. We bring a lot of value to the table! 

Quality Over Quantity

We want to make the best videos that we can. Videos that result in you making more sales, or having more educated customers. Because of this, we are selective on who we work with, and will only work with clients who we can make the highest quality videos for!

We don't make outrageous claims. All of the benefits that we list about explainer videos either come from scientific studies, or are observations of the results we've seen from our own clients! 

High Integrity

We love to talk! We like to keep you in the know of exactly what's going on with your project. For this reason, we send emails every couple of days just to check in! You're also able to call or email us whenever you have any questions! 


We're always learning, and we're always trying new things. We are staying up to date on all the latest marketing techniques and video trends so that we are never producing videos that seem dated!


"Using your video we had an increase in sign-ups to our event by over 50%! And we spent less on marketing to boot!" 

Mehrdad Pazooki

HackOn Data

The thoughtful blend of creativity, stakeholder needs and digital expertise at Between The Lines allows them to fluidly develop successful animated videos.

Danielle Wallace

Beyond The Sky

Pricing & Packages

Want to ask us some questions? Email us at info@betweenthelinesanimations.ca and we will get back to you within one business day.

Our pricing will vary depending on what you need. Some clients need scriptwriting, voiceover and animation. While other clients need only animation. 

Some clients need only thirty seconds of video. while others need ten minutes. 

The fastest way to find out exact pricing is to click the button below and tell us a little bit about your company and what you need, and we will get back to you to talk about your business and give you pricing information. 

Click Here for a FREE Consultation

Packages range from all inclusive (Scriptwriting, Voiceover, Music, SFX, Animation), to a la carte. We offer videos in 30, 60, 90 and 120 second packages. We don't like to go over the two minute mark as the attention span of the average person is too small.

Your order includes:

Private Project - Speak with an expert at every step 

Concept & Ideas - Created based on your business and its needs

Scripting - Our team will write a creative, engaging script

Graphics - Tailored to your company's brand and profile

2D Animation - Created in many different styles by animation experts

Professional Voice - Choose from one of our professional speakers

Background Music - Optional melody that adds emotion

Sound Effects - SFX add that extra bit of polish to the film

No Additional Costs

We hate when prices change for no reason. Because of this, we offer a fixed price for your video. There will be no added, unexpected, or 'premium' charges.

Dedicated Project Manager

When you work with us on your explainer video, you have a dedicated team of experts at your side.  You will be able to talk to your project manager working on your project over the phone, email or Skype. Sometimes in person! 

Three Week Delivery

We work hard to get your project delivered to you on time. We promise to keep you informed during the project. You will know exactly when each part of the film is finished. On average it takes 3 weeks to produce a video.

All Inclusive

Everything you need for a perfect video is included in the price. Everything from the advice of experts and planning, to marketing tools, to scriptwriting, graphics, voice and animation.

Free Changes

You will always get the chance to give your feedback at every step of the process (script, voice, animation, etc.). If you're not satisfied after with the first draft, which is common, you can ask for a second (and third, fourth, fifth, etc.). Or if it's just not working, take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

Remote Delivery

We effectively communicate over Skype, phone and email. We are always available to discuss your project with you, no matter what time you want to talk.  

Complete Satisfaction or your money back!

We are proud of every film we produce! Your movie will have free alterations, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Our goal is that you'll be so happy that you never have to buy an animated explainer video again (unless you want more of course)!

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Between The Lines Animations has helped 100+ Canadian companies tell their story by producing memorable videos that create trust and understanding for their brand.

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